New Features for Payment Gateway

Friday, December 05, 2014 announced new features recently added in an effort to meet current developments in eCommerce transaction technology for online businesses. By Pass Engineering, Inc. is not directly affiliated with, however several of our clients use this gateway; and therefore the following is provided as educational information.

New Feature: Sync for QuickBooks™


Sync for QuickBooks can potentially save you valuable time and money by automatically syncing your daily transactions to your QuickBooks account. Setup is simple and can be customized to your unique business requirements. Sync for QuickBooks provides a significant enhancement over previous options such as downloading and then uploading transactions into QuickBooks.

For more information see: QuickBooks page.

Apple Pay with Authorize.Net


Apple Pay allows you to use your Authorize.Net account to securely accept and process in-app payments from customers with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Apple Pay uses the Visa Token Service and similar tokenization solutions to replace sensitive payment information with a "token," which is passed in place of the actual card number, helping to make payments more secure.

Additional benefits include:
  • A fast, secure in-app purchase experience — eliminates the need to enter credit card information during checkout.
  • New growth opportunities — opens your business to the millions of Apple users. 
  • Unified reporting — all of your Authorize.Net transactions-online, mobile, in-app and more-in one place.

For more information and instructions on how to sign up, see Apple Pay FAQs.

Funding from Kabbage


Kabbage is a leading provider of online business funding. Using data from your Authorize.Net account, Kabbage can approve your business for up to $100,000 in minutes. You can draw from your available Kabbage line of credit as often as once a day — so take only what you need, when you need it and only pay for what you take.

Authorize.Net merchants who qualify for Kabbage funding will also receive a $50 gift card.

Encrypted Card Reader Reminder


If you are using the Authorize.Net mobile application for iOS and Android, you can now use our encrypted card readers to securely process mobile transactions. These readers are available for purchase through our partner, POS Portal, at

Important: In order for you to benefit from card present rates for these transactions, you will need to make sure that your merchant account is set up for card present processing. Please contact your Merchant Service Provider for more information.

To learn more about the mPOS mobile application, visit


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