FaceBook Newsfeed and Dynamic Product Ads

FaceBook Newsfeed and Dynamic Product Ads

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Social Media AdvertisingIn mid-November of 2016, Facebook announced multi-product news feed ads that allows advertisers to display multiple pages as well as offerings. These ads will enable retailers to display as many as 50 products within an ad. The ads pair a main image or video along with related product images underneath and, if clicked, then bring up a second page with more products. If clicked again, the ad leads to the retailer's website where a consumer can actually buy the product. it allows retailers to display large portions of their catalog for shoppers to browse within a single ad, helping to increase their chances of making a sale; especially when compared with ads that only display a single product. ..

Forrester Research, Inc. names Adobe CMS Leader

After evaluating 10 products, viewing 10 product demos, listening to 10 vendor briefings, and interviewing 37 reference customers, Forrester Research, Inc. found Adobe and Sitecore are Leaders, with Adobe dominating the field. Adobe is a standout with its integrated portfolio. Sitecore has a strong product and high growth. ..

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