Transitioning BC Sites to New Rendering Engine

Friday, January 23, 2015

Adobe Business CatalystStarting Wednesday, January 28th, Adobe will begin gradually transitioning the Business Catalyst sites to our new rendering engine.

Transitioning sites to the new Business Catalyst rendering engine (BC.NEXT)



Adobe® Business Catalyst


Dear BC Clients,

Starting Wednesday, January 28th, we will begin gradually transitioning the Business Catalyst sites to our new rendering engine.

Already used in production by thousands of sites, this new engine is faster, more reliable and gives you access to additional functionality like named parameters for modules, Liquid language support and increased SEO score by enabling browser caching for static assets, plus our new admin editor with HTML 5 support and enhanced code view (in the beginning, we'll deploy with those features set to off but they can be enabled via the Beta Features page). As part of the transition, new features or enhancements will only be included in this new system engine.

The transition process starts on Wednesday and will be completed towards the end of this spring, when the current rendering engine will be decommissioned. It will be a multi-stage process that is looking to gradually move sites while limiting the customer impact. You can find below the transition schedule:

  • Milestone 1 (Jan 28, 10:00 AM UTC): Existing trial sites & all sites on webBasics and webBasics+ plans will be transitioned to the new engine. Additionally, all new trial sites will be created on the new engine.
  • Milestone 2: All sites on the webMarketing site plan
  • Milestone 3: All partner sites
  • Milestone 4: webCommerce sites located on the EU datacenter
  • Milestone 5: webCommerce sites located on the AU datacenter
  • Milestone 6: webCommerce sites located on the NA datacenter
  • Milestone 7 (late April): All remaining sites will be switched to the new version; the current version will be decommissioned.

Note: The dates of the next milestones will be announced in time on the Site Transition Schedule page, based on the progress of the transition. We estimate that all sites should be fully transitioned to the new engine no later than mid Q2 this year.

The move does not include any updates to the admin user interface that will impact your customers and should not have any impact on the site uptime, performance or functionality either. Partners will be able follow an updated transition schedule by visiting the Site Transition Schedule page and subscribing to the transition plan email alerts.

Even if we we'll transition the sites automatically, we strongly encourage you to see how the sites behave on the new engine before it's actually scheduled for transition (you can enable temporarily a website to be rendered on the new engine, just for you, from the Admin Console Beta Features page). This will give you more confidence that the transition will go smoothly and you won't encounter any problems.

For more information about the transition, read the Site Transition FAQ.

Thank you for your support,

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

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